Monday, January 29, 2007


For this semester the class has to do a joint projecet with a few graphic designers. So my partners and I decided to do a little chocolate and gifts store. I shot a few truffles with a glass of coffee to make it have a more home feeling. I wanted to through some color in the image to make it pop a little more.

© 2006, Jean N. Eldridge

In class one day we had to design a layout for the pringles company. We were the clients and then we had to pass our layouts to another group. While lighting together we tested our photoshop skills and also our techniques on lighting.

©2006, Jean N. Eldridge

Monday, January 22, 2007


Canon : Nikon d70s

With this image I shot it with a small focus area. I used a natural warm light to help bring out the shadows along with the hi-lights. I like the tecture in the metal.

Jean N. Eldridge

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Camera: Nikon D70s

With this picture, I noticed that the flower said a lot to me. I was walking by and noticed that this flower was just standing up in a horrible garden. So i let the sunlight light it with bringing up the shadows.

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