Tuesday, February 27, 2007


While I was at Viewpoint I had the chance to shoot a few shots that would actually be published. Both of these shots are from Sherwin Williams. It was a great experience. I had 9 other shots that I did which was also amazing.

©2006, Jean N. Eldridge


We had a jewelry assgnment that we had to shoot with the mamiya leaf back. It was pretty difficult to get up close because of the size of lens that we had so there was a lot of cropping.

©2006, Jean N. Eldridge

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Domino Effect

The other day our group had a field trip to Kreber studio and we had to shoot shots of a room scene. We also had to do close up shots which I chose to do the top of the table with dominos. I like the detail in he wood along with the blown out areas.

©2006, Jean N. Eldridge

Breast Cancer Awareness

I shot this picture of a lady who has breast cancer. She was very nice and okay with the fact that I would be shooting her with a little amount of clothes on. I had her wear a pink bra that way it would be more of a breast cancer ad. I think I would have placed her a differen way just because of the fact I could have gotten more of her pink bra.

©2006 Jean N. Eldridge

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bowling Pin

I shot this image while in class for a scavenger hunt. We were assigned 29 different situations and we had to shoot them. The catch was that we had to shoot this ugly bowling pin. Someone had the creativity to paint this pin and then after the years went on it was a paint job gone bad.

©2006, Jean N. Eldridge

Monday, February 12, 2007


I was in the backyard of my grandpas and I was walking around looking at all the junk that he had. Well one mans junk is another mans treasure. It was getting late when I finally saw this rake I thought hey thats a unique look with the prongs having spider webs hanging off of it makes it look old. Well it was actually really old.

(c)2006, Jean N. Eldridge

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


One day in class we had a model come in and we had the chance to shoot. It was a very fun expeirence. She was a great model and it was fun to say I want you to pose sexy or playful.

With the truffle I had o do a major photoshop work. The red color in the back was red paper with different size grids to help with the shading.

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